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threshold | 臨界

Timber Valley is an interactive installation for the Central Market district. The fundamental goal this project hopes to accomplish is to encourage people to linger, explore the new community driven businesses in the neighborhood, and enjoy leisurely time in a space that feels inviting, clean and safe.


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Timber Valley

_144 sq.ft.

_completed_market street prototyping festival 2015

VIP Lounge

_240 sq.ft.

_completed 2013

The project investigates how surface and skin can define thresholds and boundaries in relation to fashion and architecture. The final installation was exclusively made for the VIP area of the 2013 California College of the Arts Annual Fashion Show. 

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#fashionshow #levis

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_900 sq.ft.

_design completed 2016

A reconfigurable playground aims to provide shading for Governors Island's visitors. Neoprene shading panels, oversized zippers, and 360 degree rotational poles made out of Bamboo are made to support 10 seconds release & reattach actions. The matrix offers endless layouts suitable for all age groups and activities.

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