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  • Gallery | objective OBJECT Studio | Architecture & Design

    TYPE DETAILS Select one or more options armchair bar stool bench cabinet cat litter box chair chandelier coat hanger coffee table daybed dining table floor lamp lounge chair sconce shelf side table sideboard stool table lamp RESET TYPE DETAILS Select one or more options analog scale armchair bench chair chandelier coffee table credenza dining table floor lamp foyer table lounge chair nightstand sconce shelf side table stool table lamp wardrobe RESET Ban Ta 半塌 daybed Bao Ta 宝塔 side table Bi Huan 闭环 chair Bu 补 cabinet Cheng Tuo 秤砣 side table Chu Shi 厨师 bar stool Dao 岛 coffee table Di 笛 table lamp Dong Tian 洞天 stool Fang Kuai 方块 coffee table Fen Hua 分化 chair Fen Yan 粉盐 dining table Fu 浮 side table Gou Le 勾勒 stool Guan Ding 冠顶 chandelier He Tian 和田 side table He Tun 河豚 side table Heng Zhe 横折 bench Hua Ban 花瓣 daybed Jian Jin 渐金 bench Jiao Nang 胶囊 side table Jie Jing 结晶 side table Jin Gu 筋骨 side table Ju 炬 sconce Men 门 chair objective OBJECT an embodiment of our architectural ethos. We represent an unwavering dedication to truth, impartiality, and the profound understanding of the intrinsic context and narratives of each project. Our architecture isn't mere design, it's a bold discourse with its environment. LEARN MORE SELECTED CLIENTS S/S F/W

  • objective OBJECT Studio | 客观事物事务所

    EXPLORE At objective OBJECT Studio, we embody an architecture anchored in context. Our multidisciplinary design approaches transcend mere spaces and services; they interact profoundly with the systems they inhabit, reshaping perceptions, emotions, and actions. Our craft is more than just creating structures - we architect human experiences. Continue in English > ​探索 客观事物事务所是一个植根于环境背景的建筑实践。 我们的跨媒介设计超越单纯的空间和服务;它与所处的系统深度互动,重塑人们的认知、情感和行为。 我们的工作不仅仅是创造结构 - 我们筑造人本体验。 继续中文浏览 >

  • 540W21 Sales Gallery | objective OBJECT Studio | Architecture & Design

    gallery manhattan_usa 4,850 sq.ft. 450 sq.m. sales gallery, living room, model room, mock-up, foyer, kitchen, balcony, art, dining room, master bathroom, showroom, strategy, marketing The form of the sales gallery at the heart of New York gallery district is both fluid and structured, allowing for an organic flow that encourages exploration and discovery. 540W21 SALES GALLERY previous next #private viewing experience #chelsea art district #gestalt laws of grouping

  • Kent | objective OBJECT Studio | Architecture & Design

    residential brooklyn_usa 2,150 sq.ft. 200 sq.m. living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, master bathroom, custom furniture, shower, custom lighting The model room is a reflection of the ethos of high-end Brooklyn riviera living - where the pace of the city meets the tranquility of a personal oasis KENT previous next #brooklyn's riviera #folded fabrication ​#original and organic

  • Equinox | objective OBJECT Studio | Architecture & Design

    hotel austin_usa 450 sq.ft. 40 sq.m. guestroom, bathroom, shower, closet, model room, custom furniture, tv wall, custom lighting a hotel model room where the confluence of design and nature is not merely aspirational but manifestly realized within its walls EQUINOX previous next #dynamic contrast #biophilic elements #coalescence

  • Coastiera | objective OBJECT Studio | Architecture & Design

    restaurant bangkok_thailand 4,300 sq.ft. 400 sq.m. dining hall, bar, private dining room, foyer, cigar room, chef's table, stage, dj booth, banquette seating, wine cellar, art, custom furniture, custom lighting, gallery, stategy A fine dining restaurant The leisurely tempo of Italian life married with the frenetic rhythm of an ever-awake city COASTIERA RISTORANTE ITALIANO previous next #authenticity & reverence #refined alchemy #experiential chameleon

  • Louis Vuitton Display | objective OBJECT Studio | Architecture & Design

    installation manhattan_usa 200 sq.ft. 20 sq.m. art, display window, display shelf, display plinth The installations share an affinity for modern materials and an understanding of their role in crafting an engaging customer experience LOUIS VUITTON DISPLAY previous next #men's perfume collection #instincts for freedom #les voyages

  • The Batcave | objective OBJECT Studio | Architecture & Design

    residential beijing_china 3,650 sq.ft. 340 sq.m. foyer, entryway, living room, dining room, open kitchen, storage, master bedroom, master bathroom, dry bar, guestroom, tv wall, drum room, vanity niche, balcony, closet A concept that redefines luxury as a state of being that is as informal and comfortable as it is refined and cultivated THE BATCAVE previous next #formal laid-back #san serif vs. serif #the senses and the intellect

  • 551W21 | objective OBJECT Studio | Architecture & Design

    residential manhattan_usa 8,100 sq.ft. 750 sq.m. living room, foyer, master bedroom, master bathroom, walk-in closet, dining room, kitchen, art Interior design and live virtual staging for a 7-bedrooms 9-bathrooms luxury grand apartment unit by the Hudson River 551W21 RESIDENCE previous next #live virtual staging #82-ft long grand room #sweeping 360° view

  • 540W21 | objective OBJECT Studio | Architecture & Design

    creative direction manhattan_usa 200,200 sq.ft. 18,600 sq.m. living room, kitchen, foyer, terrace, pool, grand stairs, master bedroom, master bathroom, walk-in closet, study, balcony, dining room, lobby, wellness center, sauna, strategy, marketing Interior design and marketing campaign for a 34-exclusive-unit high-end residential tower by Renzo Piano Building Workshop 540W21 previous next #nonpareil figure #light as a material #austere luxury

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